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The most common Christmas Accidents

Christmas is an excellent time of year, but can also be dangerous.

The most common Christmas Accidents


Stress, travel planning, decorations, cooking, after Thanksgiving, everything goes crazy!

Meantime be prepared for the big party; there are so many possible accidents that could occur to you or your loved ones. 

Maybe you think: Obviously, that could never happen to me.


That's why we compile the most common Christmas Accidents that you could prevent:


Be careful in the kitchen 

You can burn yourself, or your child could burn. Keep your kids out of the kitchen and focus on the cooking.


Slips Down The Stairs

Put security barriers if you have small kids. Also, alcohol and tiredness make the stairs an accident hotspot. And if you are going to put decorations, prevent falls.


Is your tree risk-free?

Your Christmas Tree could catch on fire! Check all the lights, electrical outlets, and if your tree is live, turn off all before you put it water. Also, ensure that you are not overreaching when decorating, your Christmas tree could fall.


Back Injuries From Carrying Luggage

Packing light or be careful when you lift your luggage.


Indigestion and food poisoning

Pick your food well. 

Ensure raw meat doesn't touch any other food. Keep the food in your fridge if you don't go to eat soon.



The stress could be a severe problem if you leave it.


Drink responsibly

If you are cooking, driving, cutting, avoid alcohol.

And at last, keep safe your eyer, Champagne corks can travel up to 80km per hour!

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