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Music for babies

The effect of music for babies in the womb and baby's development in the first months

Music for babies

Music has existed since immemorial times; it is a tool of communication and expression that we use in our daily lives.


Hearing is one of the first senses your baby develops. In the womb, between the 16th and 24th weeks, your baby develops a sense of hearing and can hear sounds. Between the second and sixth month, your baby begins to distinguish rhythms and recognize melodies.


Of all the sound information that impacts your baby during pregnancy, there is one that stands out above all others: the mom's voice. During the whole time, the baby is in the uterus, the mother's voice travels through vibrations in the bones; these vibrations are felt by your little one and in this way the mother-child bonding begins.


The mother must speak to her baby from the womb. Caress your belly while you do it, sing a song, read aloud, say good morning, tell him what you observe in the world ... all this will allow you to generate a closer relationship even before birth. 


Likewise, your partner's voice is also important for your baby. This will allow the father to be part of the emotional experience of your pregnancy. At birth, your baby will also recognize his voice.


In the musical aspect, among the main benefits that research and experts in the field have commented on, there are some points on which they agree and which are noteworthy:


  • Listening increases your baby's immune activity

  • It helps your baby's emotional and affective development

  • Improves your hearing perception

  • Stimulates your desire to communicate

  • Babies who have received this type of stimulation during pregnancy tend to be born more relaxed, which means less crying

  • It increases and improves the cognitive and brain development of the child

  • Finally, these babies tend to sleep and eat better, which improves their attention span


What kind of music is beneficial?

When it comes to babies and music, we must adapt it to their age and to what we want to achieve (whether it is lulling them to sleep, relaxing, activating, or motivating them) - taking care that the volume is never too loud. You can choose any music for older babies as long as they are happy and have a pleasant melody.

Music in pregnancy

What is the Mozart effect?

The "Mozart Effect" is a widespread expression used to describe the positive effect of listening to tunes composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It has been more than demonstrated how classical music, in particular the music of the Austrian composer, with its high frequencies of the instruments, the beats per minute it has, the rhythm and tone stimulates the neural connections in the brain and helps to develop especially the right hemisphere making it more receptive thanks to its harmonies.


Music in pregnancy:


For your baby, music is fundamental to their emotional, intellectual, auditory, sensory, motor, and speech development.

Music for birth

Music therapy has many benefits, even for the time of labor. It works as a distraction, a relaxer, and an anxiety reliever. Besides, singing will help you level out your heart and breathing rhythm.


Music to Sleep and Relax your baby:


A wonderful expression of bonding between a mother and her baby is going to be the music. Sharing a taste for a particular type of music or song will form a strong bond of attachment.

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