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Hospital Bag when Mommy's Going to Give Birth!

Mark ✓ in the List of items you and your baby will need

Hospital Bag when Mommy's Going to Give Birth!

It's been so many months of being amazed at the wonders of nature as you watch your belly grow, of making regular visits to your doctor to listen to your baby's heartbeat, of feeling the kicks, and of enjoying this beautiful time; now you can see on the calendar that your delivery date is approaching, and it's time to pack your bag with the items you and your baby will need to make your hospital stay easier.


Having your bag ready several weeks in advance is a good idea; this way, you can avoid filling your bag between contractions, and you will be prepared in case your baby decides to be born a little earlier than planned.


The Hospital staff will be working to ensure right from the moment you arrive until you return home, you have the best experience of bringing a new life to the world in the healthiest and most memorable way possible.


We hope you will find this guide useful to what items to pack at the time of your delivery.


Some questions you may want to consider asking in your final weeks of pregnancy when you go to a check-up visit with your Doctor:

  • Who or who can be in the room with me at the time of delivery? 

  • Can someone film or take pictures at the time of birth?

And for the Hospital:

  • Is there a particular visiting schedule? Can children visit too?

  • Can my partner or the person accompanying me to the birth spend the night here too?

  • Is there an extra breastfeeding service?

And during the time you spend in the Hospital after giving birth: keep asking. Do not hesitate - both you and your partner - to ask the nurses for help and advice on the basic care of a newborn like:

  • How to hold my baby in the right way to give the necessary support to his/her neck?

  • How to wrap my baby?

  • How to change my baby’s diapers?

  • How to clean the umbilical cord of my baby?

  • How to burp my baby?

  • What is the correct way to bathe my baby?

  • How to take my baby’s temperature?

  • How to take proper care of my baby boy who has a circumcision?


Another important detail is to notify your Insurance Agent as soon as possible about the birth of your baby, so she/he can be included and covered in your Medical Insurance Policy from birth. If you don't have insurance coverage yet, this is the ideal time to request one and have your baby covered since the first day of birth. You'll be surprised at the variety of affordable options and facilities available. Read about our Maternity Packages.

Finally, remember to enjoy all the sensations and emotions that can only be experienced during this joyful stage.

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