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Pediatrics and Neonatology

Developmental milestones for your baby!

Learn more about your baby's developmental milestones by age: 2 months!

Developmental milestones for your baby!
Learn more about your baby's developmental milestones by age

Babies and children go through different maturation cycles as they grow up. Those skills that you discover day by day that your baby now knows how to do, such as saying goodbye with the hands, smiling, taking its first step, or saying its first word are known as "developmental milestones."

As a parent, one of the biggest challenges you face is learning to identify when your child's evolution is not following the usual pace for some reason and your pediatrician has to intervene.

Depending on how many months and years your child is, you will notice how she/he is reaching milestones in the area of language, movement, play, and learning.

Your baby at 2 months:

How quickly time passes, doesn't it? Your baby no longer looks like the newborn of just 8 weeks ago, his physical appearance and size have changed, and with it, his/her abilities as well because his/her nervous system has already matured a bit. 

  • Physical and motor skills:

-Lift its head and try to get up when he/she is lying on her stomach

-Move its legs and arms more easily

-Stretches and kicks

-Open and close its hands

-Your baby puts the hands into its mouth

  • Skills in the social and emotional areas

-You can already see how he/she smiles at people

-The baby try to observe his/her parents

-He/she is more expressive with the face and body

  • Cognitive (learning and reasoning) and sensory skills:

- Interested in people's faces

-Recognizes familiar faces

-Follow the moving objects

-Prefer soft sensations to rough ones

  • Skills in the areas of speech and communication

-Moves his/her head in interest at the sound

-Starts making sounds like gurgling or cooing

When should I talk to my doctor?

  • If your baby doesn't follow moving objects with the eyes

  • If your baby doesn't respond to loud noises

  • If your baby doesn't put the hands in its mouth

  • If your baby can't hold his/her head up

  • If your baby doesn't smile at people

The first months of your baby's life are vital for his/her development. Your pediatrician will possibly suggest monthly follow-up visits to validate your baby's growth, development, vaccination plan, and answer any questions that may arise at this stage; Later on, these visits will be extended.

Every time you visit your pediatrician, be sure to share with him/her the new things you're discovering about your baby no matter how "basic" they seem to you, they are important and ask what he/she should achieve next.

In the coming weeks you will be able to discover a new age with its developmental milestones described here.