5 Common Household Accidents & Injuries, and how to prevent them

Households accidents can be prevented. Learn more about the most common ones.

5 Common Household Accidents & Injuries,  and how to prevent them

No matter how hard we try to make our home as safe as possible, home accidents can always happen. When it comes to our family's health, especially the very young, it makes sense to know what to do when an accident occurs.


Most poisoning accidents involve medications, cleaning products, and cosmetics that we usually have in our homes. That is why it is essential to keep any product that could be dangerous out of children's reach as a preventive measure.


A fall can affect people of all ages, but it is more common among the little ones and older people. Often, when a child falls, it will only take a few words of encouragement to recovering. However, if the person who suffered the fall feels drowsy, vomits, or loses consciousness, it is crucial to seek medical attention.

Choking or Suffocation

Children are often fascinated by putting objects in their mouths, and sometimes if accidentally ingested, it can cause choking. If it is not possible to remove the object quickly, call 911 immediately.

Fires or Burns

Hot beverages are responsible for most burns and scalds in children under five years of age. Children should be kept a safe distance from campfires, stoves, irons, hair straighteners, and matches, as they can be dangerous too. The burn should be placed immediately under running cold water for ten minutes and then be checked. Ideally, the affected area should be covered with a clean plastic bag or plastic film to help heal.

Glass related injuries


Broken glass can cause serious cuts, so opting for glass objects and furniture at home if you have children at home, can be dangerous. Make sure glass doors, tables, and shelves meet proper safety standards.

The above tips can help prevent accidents at home. In case of a medical emergency, first, stay calm, and go directly to the BlueNet Hospitals Emergency Room, if you are in Los Cabos, or call an ambulance at 624 1043.911