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7 Habits that damage our Kidneys

Despite the fact that it is such an important organ for our body, many of us ignore the habits that can affect its proper functioning and health.

7 Habits that damage our Kidneys

Our kidneys are responsible for removing waste and excess fluid from our body, also remove acid produced by cells, keeping the water, salts, and minerals, such as sodium, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium, in our blood in balance.

They also help our hormones control our blood pressure, produce red blood cells, and maintain our bones healthy.

As you can see, their function is FUNDAMENTAL, so we must protect them.

Why do our kidneys fail?

Our kidneys are made up of about a million filters called nephrons. Some activities or illnesses damage them and generate a failure in that filtering system, which triggers kidney failure or Chronic Kidney Disease.

How can we avoid it?

Before any complication, we must make some adjustments in our lifestyle, to eliminate, as much as possible, risk factors such as:

Avoid these 7 habits that can damage your kidneys:

  1. High sugar levels

Diabetes is a disease that can lead to a kidney complication, so it's one more reason to control your sugar. Reduce consumption and soon you will achieve ideal levels.

  1. High or uncontrolled blood pressure

If you suffer from Hypertension, the ideal is that you go to your Cardiologist to guide you in an adequate treatment. In this way, you will avoid having heart or kidney problems.

  1. Overweight

We know that not keeping track of your weight can lead to many diseases. Excess fat becomes a serious problem in the kidneys. To maintain a healthy diet, your Nutritionist can help you. Also, exercise regularly and say goodbye to Obesity.

  1. Not drinking enough water

Dehydration reduces blood flow to your kidneys and can actually significantly damage them.

  1. Smoking

Smoking is a bad habit that we know you can quit. Your body will thank you week after week, and you will keep it away from many dangers.

  1. Alcoholism

Excessive alcohol consumption can severely damage your kidneys. Limit your alcohol intake and drink more water.

  1. Not getting a checkup annually

Every year, we recommend you get a checkup to prevent Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). It consists of a blood test, urine and an ultrasound. This test will help you prevent any alteration in your kidneys in time.

Take care of your body, take care of your kidneys, and they will take care of you.

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