Coronavirus (COVID-19)

How long is the COVID-19 vaccine effective?

Know the measures you should follow after having been vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.

How long is the COVID-19 vaccine effective?

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released new guidelines for Americans who have been vaccinated against COVID-19. Following the recommendations, fully vaccinated people can safely meet in small groups without masks; this measure applies only in private settings, not public.

How long will each COVID-19 vaccine be effective?

From the perspective of protecting people from COVID-19, it is unknown how long the COVID-19 vaccine will last. It is believed that it will take at least three months. It may be up to a year; we must wait and see your reaction. These studies are ongoing to find out how long each COVID-19 vaccine can be used.

How long does it take to develop immunity to COVID-19 after being vaccinated?

Once your COVID-19 vaccination series ends (either a two-dose series or a single dose), you must wait two weeks to reap the full benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine. Even having all the advantages of the vaccine, COVID-19 will continue to circulate.

Broad immunity does not yet exist. Therefore, people still need to wear masks and social distancing.

Why should people who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 continue to wear the masks in public and maintain social distancing?

However, this situation is frustrating at the moment. It is impossible to control all possible risks, and there is no vaccine against COVID-19 that is 100% effective. Therefore the measurements should not be relaxed.

What are the possible side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine?

After the first or second injection, the COVID-19 vaccine can cause mild side effects, including:

  • Pain, redness, or swelling at the injection site

  • Fever

  • Fatigue

  • Headache

  • Muscle pain

  • Shaking chills

  • Joint pain

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Swollen lymph nodes

The COVID-19 vaccine can cause side effects similar to the signs and symptoms of the COVID-19 virus. If you have been exposed to COVID-19 and have symptoms more than three days after vaccination, or if symptoms persist for more than two days, isolate yourself and get tested to see if you are infected.

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