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Hemorrhoid Surgery

Hemorrhoidectomy is surgery to remove Hemorrhoids. Schedule Your Appointment Today.

Hemorrhoid Surgery

Hemorrhoid Surgery, also known as Hemorrhoidectomy, is one of the procedures that the General  Surgeon or Proctologist can use to remove excess tissue that causes bleeding.

The General Surgeon or Proctologist will numb the area so that you do not feel pain. In some types of surgery, general anesthesia may be applied.

Hemorrhoid Surgery is the most complete and effective way to treat severe or recurrent hemorrhoids.

After surgery, the patient may have various temporary complications such as problems emptying the bladder or discomfort, pain. Taking a hot bath can help reduce pain.

Before hemorrhoid surgery 

The General Surgeon or Proctologist will review your medical history and ask questions about your symptoms, lifestyle, medical history, or if you are taking any medications. It is essential to notify the doctor if you are pregnant or drinking heavily, more than 1 or 2 drinks per day.

The Doctor may perform various tests to ensure that you can undergo hemorrhoid surgery. 

Follow all the instructions of your Doctor; you must fast before hemorrhoid surgery, do not eat any food or drink for 6 to 8 hours before the procedure.

During hemorrhoid surgery

Hemorrhoid surgery is usually performed in the operating room at the hospital.

The General Surgeon or Proctologist will numb the area and, if necessary, apply general anesthesia so that the patient does not feel pain.

The following are some of the methods that the Doctor can use.

  • Stapling hemorrhoid to obstruct blood flow, causing it to contract

  • Administer a chemical to a blood vessel in hemorrhoid to reduce its size

  • Putting a small rubber band around the hemorrhoid to shrink it by blocking blood flow

  • Using a special scalpel to remove hemorrhoids

  • Using a laser to burn the hemorrhoid

After Hemorrhoid Surgery

After the Laparotomy, you will be taken to the recovery room where you can stay for a few hours in the hospital, and the General Surgeon or Proctologist can control, review your symptoms and rule out any possible infection.

The Doctor will discharge you, and you can return to your home the same day. You may experience pain and discomfort after surgery so that you may be prescribed pain relievers.

Following the instructions of your Doctor, you may have a speedy recovery, leading a healthy lifestyle is possible to reduce the risk of suffering from hemorrhoids again.

¿Why do I need hemorrhoid surgery?

General Surgeons or Proctologist generally recommend hemorrhoid surgery when you have hemorrhoids, and after weeks of care, they do not improve, you have bleeding during bowel movements and pain.

Go to the General Surgeon or Proctologist if you present any of the mentioned symptoms or to detect another abnormal sign.

When consulting your Doctor, please keep a record of your pain with a detailed description of the symptoms, duration, and what you think triggered them. Also, mention any medications you are taking.