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Millennials... the most famous generation!

Discover the 10 most common health issues Millennials are suffering nowadays.

Millennials... the most famous generation!


This controversial group, have been the focus of attack, bad reputation, teasing. You may be reading this article because you have a Millennial child and he or she worries you.

In a study by a University here in the United States, they discovered that there are some conditions that are affecting Millennials and have strong impacts on their health:
- Depression.
- Substance use disorder.
- Alcohol use disorder.
- Hypertension
- Hyperactivity
- Psychotic conditions
- Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis
- High cholesterol
- Tobacco use disorder.
- Type 2 diabetes

Compared to the other population, Millennials are more affected by behavioral health conditions than physical ones, and the greatest increases are shown in the rates of major depression and hyperactivity.

The psychologist Deborah Serani says she believes there are very clear factors that are likely to cause these problems such as:

1. 100% Technological life
It is a generation in which the advanced technology causes the Millennials to be cold, indifferent and unable to have direct inter-human relationships by spending too much time on cell phones, tablets or computers.

2. Media overload
It is a generation that believes they know everything because they found on the internet and do not turn to other sources.

3. False Socialization
Due to the impact of social networks on the Millennials, they are in constant unhealthy competition with themselves that leads to Depression.

4. Processed Food
The food is not the same as before. Today, due to the economy, many times mom also has to work so they got used to eating microwave or junk food.

5. Simple Access to Everything
The misuse of the internet leads them to get everything and unfortunately, not everything is good or healthy. They can have easy access to alcohol or drugs.

How can you help her or him?

Millennials bring another chip different from ours, so if you want to help them, you should start thinking like them. They prefer not going to the doctor when something is wrong, and it can have major consequences on their health. Therefore, the best thing Millennials can do for their health is to seek out preventive care, so they receive proper diagnosis and treatment before a condition becomes unmanageable or life-threatening.

When it comes to depression, always seek help from a medical specialist, who will provide the best care before it turns into chronic, irreversible issues.


Type 2 diabetes and obesity is a risk factor, but it can be managed by the combination of medications, a healthier diet, and exercise. Choose foods lower in fat and calories and higher in fiber. Focus on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

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