Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Delta Variant of Covid-19

Delta Variant of Covid-19: What care should you take even if you are vaccinated?

Delta Variant of Covid-19
The delta variant is contagious, almost 2 times more infectious than other previous variants. Therefore different preventive measures must be taken.
When we believed that we were beginning to defeat the health pandemic by COVID-19, the first cases of the Delta variant appeared, and the so-called third wave arrived; the number of sick and hospitalized people rose again due to this mutation virus.
According to the CDC, the vaccine against COVID-19 helps as a protective barrier against this virus. However, this does not mean that vaccinated people cannot become infected and infect others, so they must still be kept different
If you test positive for COVID-19 PCR or Antigen tests, do not go out to public places as you can infect others. In mild to moderate symptoms cases for up to 10 days after testing positive, and up to 21 days in patients with severe symptoms.
We must continue to adopt all available prevention measures, including using face masks in closed public spaces, to stop transmission and curb the pandemic. Whenever possible, all persons, including those fully vaccinated, should wear face masks in closed public places in high transmission areas.
Immunosuppressed people (people with weakened immune systems) should be informed that there is a possibility that their immune response to COVID-19 vaccines is lower. They should continue to take preventive measures (including wearing face masks, maintaining a distance of 2 meters from people they do not live with, and avoiding crowds and closed spaces with little ventilation) to protect themselves from COVID-19 until their doctor tells them otherwise.

It is essential to continue taking different precautions, as there is still a high risk that anyone, vaccinated or not, could become infected.

And remember:  Get tested

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