Myths and Realities of Bariatric Surgery

There are other methods to treat obesity. However, the Bariatrician is the doctor who specializes in treating obesity and related diseases.

Myths and Realities of Bariatric Surgery

Lately, it has been heard talking about bariatric surgery and its benefits, although myths and beliefs that arise from bad information or an erroneous explanation are never lacking; Below, we show you some of the most relevant beliefs along with their truths and explanation.


Most people who have bariatric surgery regain their weight. Fake!

Fact: 50 percent of patients can regain a small amount of weight (about 5 percent) two years or more after surgery. However, scientific studies find the opposite. We define surgery as 'SUCCESSFUL' when the weight loss is equal to or greater than 50 percent of excess body weight and as "HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL" when the lost weight reaches 75% or more. Other measured results are the improvement in quality and lifestyle and the incomparable improvement in pre-existing diseases (diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, etc.).


The risk of bariatric surgery is greater than the risk of obesity. False!

Fact: This is one of the worst myths! The reality is that as the size of our body increases, the years of life (longevity) decrease. Severely obese individuals have some life-threatening conditions that greatly increase their risk of dying, including type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and more.

In large scientific studies, data shows that the risk of death in the 30 days after bariatric surgery is on average 0.13 percent or about one in every 1,000 patients. 


This figure is considerably lower than most operations considered conventional, including gallbladder and hip replacement surgery. Therefore, despite bariatric patients' health situation before their surgery, the probability of having a complication derived from the operation is exceptionally low. 


In fact, in the medium and long term, the possibility of death secondary to cancer decreases up to 60% for bariatric patients; for diabetes, it is reduced by more than 90% and for heart disease by more than 50%. 


Surgery is the "easy way out" False! 

Another myth says that to lose and maintain their weight, affected people only need to go to the gym and eat well.


Fact: Severely obese people are resistant to long-term weight loss and maintenance through diet and exercise alone. Panels of experts recognize that in the 'long term,' the ability to 'maintain' weight loss is almost impossible for those affected by severe obesity until bariatric surgery is performed.




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