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Pulmonology is a speciality that studies and treats pulmonary diseases and lower respiratory infections. Our Pulmonology staff has a wide experience in management of acute and chronic pulmonary conditions on adult and children.

Specialists in Pulmonology and Lung Care

It takes care of the respiratory apparatus diseases and focuses its action field on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of lung diseases, pleural cavity and mediastinum.

Common Conditions


-Acute Bronchitis

-Lung Cancer

-COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

-Cystic Fibrosis




Our Pulmonology Department offer:

-Cardio Respiratory Polygraphy

-Pulmonary Biopsy


-Pleural Cavity Drainage

-Pulmonary Function Test


What do lungs do?

Our lungs are anatomic structures belonging to the respiratory system in our rib cage that allow our...

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