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Nephrology refer to the diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases, whether it is with medicine or therapy of kidney transplants (following and to patients who received a kidney transplant), most of these kidney related conditions are chronic.

We at BlueNetHospitals have an objective to be the leaders on this speciality, having board certified doctors on our staff and the necessary equipment to satisfy all the need our patients may have.

Experts in Kidney Treatments

Nephrology may be defined as a clinical speciality that takes care of the study of anatomy, physiology, pathology and promotion of a preventive, clinical, therapeutic health and rehabilitation of urinary tract diseases.

Conditions we treat:

-Kidney insufficiency



-Kidney stones

-Kidney Cancer

-Nephrotic Syndrome


-Urinary Tract Infection

Our Nephrology Department offer:

-Kidney Transplant






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Dr. Jorge Luis Rendón Bautista

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