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General Practitioner

General Medicine constitutes the first level of medical attention. A General Practitioners is a professional capable of diagnose and handle different common pathologies and lead the patients to the right specialist when they need it.

BlueNetHospitals has a wide staff of trustable General Practitioners that can help you in any of your conditions or medical emergencies.

Specialists in General Care 

A General Practitioner has the knowledge and specific skills to diagnose and treat a patient through simple procedures, no matter the kind of disease or symptoms.

These doctors are not specialized in a specific area but in general practice that allow to study further branches of medicine, this is the reason a General Practitioner may help the patient to funnel to the right specialist when a significative disease is found.

Common conditions we treat:

-Common Cold

-Gastrointestinal Infections


-Respiratory Infections



-Small Sport Injuries

Our Medical Staff offer:



-Therapeutic Exercise


-X Ray



-Magnetic Resonance



Meet the team

Dr. Jesús Solé Campoy

Dr. José Miguel Cortés Torres

Dr. Everardo Mora Portillo

Dr. Dennis Hernán Cortés Dávalos

Dr. Juan Oswaldo Madrueño Galindo

Dr. Luis Jamil Bonilla Galicia

Dr. José Rafael Paz Sosa

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