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Cooled to the Bone

Causes, and Tips for Winter Aches. Keep warm, stay safe, and enjoy the winter!

Cooled to the Bone

Cold cause pain? Why?

There are several theories about it. The cold wheater cause that tendons, muscles, and the surrounding tissues expand it, especially in joints affected by Arthritis. If you are sad or depressed, the perception of pain could be more significant too.


When should I go to the doctor?

If you never have pain and now the pain is awful or appears new Arthritis symptoms like:

  • Swelling.
  • Redness.
  • Painful if you try to putting pressure on.
  • The pain is awful and persistent.
  • You have a fever.

It's better to make an appointment with your physician.


Tips for you

  1. Wear extra layers of clothes, an insulated pair of gloves, or thermal clothing.
  2. Do exercise. Walk inside the Mall, do indoor activities.
  3. Don't take a hot bath and then go outside.
  4. Eat healthily and take supplements for vitamin D, C, and K. Talk about it with your physician.
  5. Give yourself a massage with oils and also use KT Tape.
  6. Take warm drinks like coffee, tea, or chocolate milk.





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