Gluten-Free Diets and Weight Loss?

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Gluten-Free Diets and Weight Loss?


Gluten-free diets are the trending choices for those looking to lose weight, celebrities like Miley Cyrus are doing Gluten-Free Diets, but what's the truth? 


What's Gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, cereal, grain, and many processed foods, including pasta and bread.


Our Grocery Stores are full of gluten-free goodies, so there's nothing wrong with eating Gluten unless you have Celiac Disease.


If I avoid Gluten, I lose weight?

No evidence merely getting rid of Gluten will result in weight loss.


But, eating Gluten-Free may cause you to want to eat more healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes, and lean meats, and these change in your diet are lower in calories. If you choose a salad with chicken breast instead of a double cheeseburger, your body is going to lose weight!


Only be careful, Gluten-Free does not certainly mean healthy because all Gluten-Free foods are not equally nutritious, so read well the labels.


The reality

You only need to eat balanced. No matter if it has Gluten or not, the thing is if it's a healthy food or not and the portions.


Weight loss depends on making the right dietary choices and do exercise regularly.


You lose weight when you burn more calories than you consume. Diet and exercise are both essential components of weight management and a healthy lifestyle.





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