Can social networks influence what your child eats?

Do your children spend a lot of time on smartphones, tablets or some electronic device? Have you noticed changes in your diet? Maybe this blog will help you to know these answers

Can social networks influence what your child eats?

A recent study reveals the impact that social networks have on a child's choice of food.

Children were randomly assigned to see different profiles of "influencers" from social networks with healthy snacks, unhealthy snacks or non-food items.

The study found that children who viewed social media posts with unhealthy snacks consumed more calories and had a significantly higher intake of unhealthy foods than children who watched healthy snacks.

The ads have a lot of impact on children. "They see it and they want it", parents have to be prepared to limit those things at home, to avoid the risks of social media marketing, and try to communicate with their children about healthy options. They must define which foods should be at home and which are not.

Parents should always know what their children see so they can talk about the content they are watching.

In general, it is important for parents to know what their children see, and this includes ads. To find out why a child asks about this, or why he is talking about it, the best way to understand these things is to be aware of what you are seeing.

The results of the study do not mean that parents should not allow their children to watch content online. But it is recommended to make sure that they are seeing it at on a computer or on a television, but not on a hand devices.


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