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Microdermabrasion Vs. Chemical Peel

Which is better for me? What the differences between both?

Microdermabrasion Vs. Chemical Peel

Everyone knows that removing dead skin cells from your face could make it soother and beautiful. Exfoliation is the action of removing dead skin cells from the epidermis, the exterior layer of the skin. 

So, if you are thinking about your next makeover, you need to know the main difference between Microdermabrasion and a Chemical Peel.


The main difference is: Microdermabrasion is a physical exfoliation, and Chemical Peel is a chemical exfoliation.



Microdermabrasion is the most common method to remove the exterior layer of the skin. They remove dead skin cells and impurities. 

Is made with an instrument, which combines suction and a wand made of diamond or small crystal particles. Microdermabrasion produces results in seconds

Microdermabrasion encourages collagen stimulation but requires several sessions to see the results in Long-Term.

This treatment is non-invasive and pain-free.



If you have inflamed, sensitive, or rosacea type skin, maybe Microdermabrasion is not an option for you. 


Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel uses chemical solutions to renew the skin, almost disappear fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, restructure tone, and texture of your skin. 

The acids that are in the peel penetrate the skin deeper and push the wreck out onto the surface. The chemical can be made out of one substance or can be a mixture of few.

Chemical peels require a specific aftercare during the initial 5-7 days during recovery.



If you have sensitive, rosacea type skin, or dermatitis, maybe Chemical Peel is not an option for you.



To be sure, go with an Expert. Your Dermatologist could guide you in which is your best option according to your skin.





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