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Have you heard of Text Neck Syndrome?
Posted on: November 03rd, 2017


What is the text neck?

The "text neck" is a physical condition caused by the excessive use of technology such as computers, smartphones, tablets or portable video games.

The constantly use of these devices causes:

El cuello de texto genera muchos problemas a largo plazo

  • The head keeps tilted for a long time.
  • The neck loses its natural curvature.
  • Misalignment of the spine.
  • Symptoms such as: headache, neck and shoulders.

Text Neck Effects:

el text neck puede generar más problemas de los que crees

Severe muscle pain and herniated discs or compression of the spine’s nerves.

Respiratory problems due to chronic pain around the neck.

Head weight increase, which is almost 5 grams per centimeter tilted forward relative to the straight posture of the body.

Arthritis at an early age.

Loss of lungs vital capacity up to 30%.

Shortness of breath may cause cardiology problems or arterial diseases.

Digestive problems caused by incorrect body posture.


Cuidarnos siempre será lo mejor para evitar problemas futuros

  • Try to do a little break every two hours.
  • Improve body posture.
  • Try to keep the device screens at eye level to avoid bending.
  • Move the head from top to bottom and from side to side or in circles.

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