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Your smartphone and headphones could cause Hearing Damage!
Posted on: March 18th, 2020


Nowadays, our electronic devices are essential for us. To listen to music, chat with our friends, talk with our loved ones, even to work! Yes, it is necessary to have everything we need right at our fingertips; But this excessive or incorrect use could damage our hearing.


The problem is that the daily use of smartphones and headphones are attacking our hearing constantly, and is not evident immediately. The incorrect use of headphones could cause hearing loss, but even the use of smartphones without headphones could affect your hearing. Studies reveal that it's not just loud volume, but the electromagnetic waves released from the devices as well.




Be careful: Headphones could accelerate risk!

If you live in a big city, noisy environments increase the risk of hearing damage; all that noise, combined with your loud music listened through your headphones, creates more problems.

The majority of headphones don't block out ambient noise, so that's why you need to turn your music volume way up, above safety volume levels.

Another problem with bad-quality headphones is the lousy regulation of high-frequency sounds that are most damaging to the Stereocilia. These tiny fibers form bunches sitting atop sensory hair cells deep inside your inner ear. Stereocilia are as fragile and limited as they are vital to your ability to hear. When the Stereocilia are damaged, they begin to die, and they don't regenerate.


How could I Prevent Hearing Loss?

Best quality headphones that send the low-frequency bass better are a good start.

Also, if you need to cancel the noisy city environments, the noise-canceling headphones could be a great solution, expensive but good.

When you started listening to music at a higher volume, the muscles in the ear contract and limited the movements of the tiny bones, so the transmission of sound vibrations is diminished. 

Keep your cell phone away from your ear as much as possible and using the speakerphone or using a Bluetooth headset. If you need to answer the phone, keep the calls short. 


Find a Hearing Healthcare Specialist to discuss your options!



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