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Weather change impacts our Health
Posted on: November 26th, 2019


Many people tend to report a sickness or pain increase when there are drastic weather changes, but the weather is crazy. Sunny in the morning; rain in the afternoon. Prevent the weather changes is impossible, and maybe you’ll suffer s some of these impacts:

  1. Achy joints.
  2. Migraine Headaches.
  3. Heart Issues.
  4. Allergies.
  5. Asthma.
  6. Flu.



So here are our tips to improve your health when the weather begins to make crazy changes:

1. Hydrate.

Fresh fruit juices rich in vitamin C; the extra C-boost will kick your immunity-fighting.


2. Clear the air

If you have an allergy symptom, try with a Purification System at home or office when pollens and molds start to float through the air.


3. Exercise outdoors

Keep an active lifestyle, but when the cold or rain starts, do indoor activities.


4. Sleep well

Try to sleep 6-8 hours daily. Sleep repair and strengthens your immune system.


5. Keep with your wardrobe handy

Have everything with you! That sounds crazy, but it is better to have an umbrella and not use it, rather than need an umbrella and not have one.


6. Eat healthy

Prefer foods rich in Omega3, Vitamin K, and Vitamin C.


7. Vitamins

Talk to your Doctor about which vitamins are the best for you.




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