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5 Most Common Types of Cancer in Mexico
Posted on: June 18th, 2019


Cancer is the third cause of death among Mexicans. It comes only after cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, today we want to talk about the most common types of cancer in Mexico.

60% of the cases detected in Mexico are in advanced stages, so more aggressive treatments are required.

Prostate Cancer

This type of cancer is the most prevalent. It is common among men of advanced age. Symptoms include: Trouble urinating with pain and difficulty starting or stopping the flow; pain in the lower back and when ejaculating. To diagnose there are two options, a blood test to locate the prostate antigen or the doctor to perform a digital rectal examination to find an abnormality.

Breast Cancer

It is the one with the highest incidence among Mexican women. It is considered the second cause of death in this sector of the population. Some warning signs of breast cancer are, a new lump in the breast or underarm, increased thickness or swelling of a part of the breast, irritation or sinking in the skin of the breast, redness or peeling in the area of the nipple or breast.

Cervical Cancer

It is the second most common cancer among Mexicans. It is associated with the presence of Human Papillomavirus (HPV). To detect it, it is necessary to perform a pap smear annually. The symptoms are: post-menstrual bleedings or between menstrual periods, alterations in vaginal discharge and pains during intercourse.

Lung Cancer

It is the second with the highest mortality rate in men. According to medical studies there is a direct relationship between tobacco consumption and the development of lung cancer. In early stages it can cause fever, weight loss and fatigue. Other symptoms are: persistent cough, blood when expectorating and sometimes, chest pain.

Stomach Cancer

This cancer is one of the most difficult to detect because the symptoms (burning in the stomach that causes intense pain, pain in the mouth of the stomach and intestinal bleeding) are usually associated with other gastric diseases of less relevance, such as gastritis.

In all cases, timely detection is important for successful treatment.


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