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What happens inside an ICU?
Posted on: April 01st, 2019


Intensive Therapy is one of the most important areas of any hospital, since it combines human and technological capital and the multidisciplinary management of various specialties and subspecialties, to provide timely and specialized care to the patient in critical condition, when required.

When should a patient enter an Intensive Care Unit?

There are specific criteria to decide when a patient should be admitted to an Intensive Care Unit, these are based on scales to assess the patient's clinical status, and evaluate various aspects around the disease and its stability, for example, vital signs, state hemodynamic, laboratory and imaging exams (X-rays), as well as the probable secondary complications of his underlying disease.


The Intensivist Doctor points out that there are various conditions for which a person can enter Intensive Therapy, some of the most common are:


- Secondary complications and inherent to a high risk surgery

-Patients who have suffered a serious accident

-Generalized infections or vital organs (lung, urinary tract, brain)

-Respiratory diseases


-Some metabolic, neurological and renal diseases

About the doctors in Intensive Therapy

Currently, in addition to the doctor must have a specialty of Internal Medicine, and the subspecialty in Medicine of the Sick in Critical State, have other special training, including several subspecialties, as well as the interaction of other specialists. With these measures, we can increase the chances of guaranteeing success in the treatment of patients.


It is recommended that when a family member is in Intensive Care, remain calm, do not anticipate anything and wait for the doctor's reports to the family and trust that the care team will be implementing all medically relevant actions to stabilize the life of the patient.


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