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Warning signs of a heart attack! ¿What should i do now?
Posted on: March 12th, 2019






If you or a loved one start to present symptoms of a heart attack then you must know that there is no time to waste, you must be prepared and attend immediately to an emergency room in less than an hour. It is important that you do not delay this situation since the result will depend enormously on this factor.


Warning signs

It is important that you begin to recognize the signs of risk and be prepared at any situation, some symptoms may vary depending on the person but the most common are the following:


1.- Intense and prolonged chest pain.

2.- Abundant sweating.

3.- Nausea that leads to vomiting.

4.- Difficulty to breath.

5.- Sensation of indigestion and heartburn.

6.- Weakness and fatigue.


In some cases women patients did not presented chest pain but in other areas of the body such as the neck, jaw and back.



If you have a familiar who is at risk of suffering an attack, it is essential for you to learn CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and also inform everyone about the warning symptoms and how quickly everybody should respond to get in time at a hospital in case of emergency. The longer you wait to attend with a doctor the bigger the risk will become because of the damage being generated to the heart during an attack.

Timely detection


The way in which we can help reduce these types of incidents is by making changes in our daily life and habits, such as:


1.- Adequate food.

2.- Physical activity.

3.- Not smoking.

4.- Avoid alcoholic beverages.

5.- Knowing your family heart health history.

In order to carry out an early detection of cardiac diseases, it is possible to realize health tests with a specialist, such as cardiac stress tests, electrocardiograms and check-ups which are services that we offer at BlueNet Hospitals. We provide the best care for the detection and treatment of cardiovascular and heart-related diseases.



It is very important that you have this information always present as heart attacks are more frequent than anyone would think, this being the first cause of death in the world for both men and women. Don’t treat your life lightly, your health is the most important thing.


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