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Posted on: March 04th, 2019


Is it difficult to prepare for X-rays?

An x-ray plate (also called an x-ray) is a painless test that is used to see the inside of the body and differentiate between soft tissue and dense material (such as bones). Usually, an x-ray is taken to locate fractures and infections in the bones, as well as to detect benign or cancerous tumors, arthritis, clogged blood vessels or dental deterioration. Also, these plates can be used to diagnose problems of the digestive tract or foreign bodies that have been swallowed.

Talk to your doctor before the procedure

Talking with the doctor will help eliminate all doubts before the procedure.

It is vital that you talk to your doctor before taking an x-ray, especially if you are breastfeeding or if you think you may be pregnant. During the procedure, you will be exposed to small amounts of radiation that can be dangerous for a developing fetus.

Depending on the circumstances, an alternative imaging examination may be ordered to avoid radiation.

Ask if you should fast

Fasting can affect the outcome of the study.

Depending on the type of x-ray they should take, the doctor may ask you to fast before the test. In general, this is necessary only for certain plaques of the digestive tract. Usually, fasting requires that you do not eat food or liquids for a period of 8 to 12 hours before the test.


Wear comfortable clothes and shoes

Going in the most comfortable way to the sample is a great decision.

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes to take the x-ray so you should take them off easily before the test.

Take off all jewelry, glasses and metal objects

Accessories are not allowed in the X-ray room.

It is best to leave your jewelry at home, since you must remove them for the exam anyway. If you wear glasses, you should also remove them.

Arrive early for your appointment

Arrive early to avoid misunderstandings.

It is best to arrive early for your appointment in case you need to fill out additional forms. Also, you will be required to take a contrast dye before the exam.


Empty your bladder before the procedure if you will have an abdominal x-ray

Go to the bathroom, for a better X-ray sample.

You will not be able to move or leave the exam room once the procedure has begun. Try to relieve your discomfort before the test and do not drink too much water in the morning prior to the procedure.


Prepare to ingest a contrast medium (if applicable)

The contrast medium is not always used, but it helps in taking plates.

Some x-rays require you to take a dye that helps demarcate specific areas of the body on the x-ray. Depending on the type of radiography they will take, they will ask you for the following:

- Drink a barium or iodine solution
- Take a pill
- Receive an injection

Keep in mind that you will not feel anything during the x-ray.

The X-ray is painless.

This test consists of a painless procedure during which the X-rays pass through the body and capture an image. Usually, this procedure takes a few minutes in the case of bones. However, more time will be required if a contrast medium is used.

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