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What is a ICU?
Posted on: January 31st, 2019


The Intensive Care Unit is an area where care is provided to patients who have a health condition that puts their lives at risk and for that reason they need constant monitoring and control.

This involves the use of technological devices, performing invasive procedures and assistance by a team of specially trained health professionals.


Why do they enter?

La UTI ayuda al paciente cuando su vida corre riesgo

A patient can enter the ICU because of a serious illness, an accident or post-operative control.
Because it requires close monitoring, they are connected to different monitors or equipment that are used to control and support the functions of the compromised organs until they recover, for example:

  • Mechanical respiratory assistance.
  • Infusion pumps connected to catheters for the administration of medicines.
  • Dialysis.

Existen diversas situaciones por las cuales se ingresan a la UTI

Many of the equipment has alarms and flashing lights, which help health personnel supervise patients and does not mean something is wrong.

Infection control in the ICU is very important and nurses or doctors can inform about hygiene regulations. When entering the ICU there will always be alcohol gel to rub your hands, it should be used on admission and when leaving.

The priority of the ICU team is to care for and assist the patient, so that patience and understanding during emergency situations is always appreciated.

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