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What to do in a convulsion?
Posted on: November 22nd, 2018

  • Stay next to the person until the crisis ends.

  • Keep calm.

  • Protect the person from any possible injury by removing any hard, sharp or falling object.

  • Keep the person away from any danger (ladders, stoves, water).

  • Place something flat and not excessively soft under your head (a folded jacket).

  • Turn the person gently to the side so that the airway is clear.

  • Unfasten or loosen garments in the neck.

What not to do?

Es importante cuidar cada movimiento ante una convulsión

    • Do not try to stop the convulsive movements.

    • Do not hold the person or try to immobilize him, unless he is in immediate danger.

    • Do not give any medication or anything drunk until you are awake and aware.

    • Do not open your mouth or insert anything in it (it is not true that people can swallow their tongues when they suffer an epileptic seizure).

    • Do not do resuscitation or assisted breathing unless you stop breathing once the crisis is over.

    When the process ends

ayudar a la persona es de suma importancia para su vida

  • Comfort and reassure the person.

  • The person may be disoriented for some time. Help him become familiar with where he is.

  • If you are a relative, use a CRISIS DIARY to notice when the crisis began and when it ended, as well as what happened before and after the crisis.

  • Give this information to the doctor in the following consultation.

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