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What’s an Echocardiogram?
Posted on: January 27th, 2018


An Echocardiogram is a diagnostic test that provides a moving image of the heart with the help of ultrasounds

WIth this test, a doctor can see:

-The heart’s anatomy: cardiac cavities, valve’s movement and any anomalies it may present.

-Heart’s functionality: to see if the cavities move accordingly, if the valves open and close correctly.

It is very useful to diagnose cardiac and vascular diseases.

How is it performed?

Todos podemos recibir una terapia física

-Without any risk: Ultrasounds are harmless, can be performed on any person, under any circumstance and at any place.

-Painless: It does not produce any pain and does not cause any secondary effect.

-Patients may remain lay down and relaxed. Gel will be applied on their chest, then, on the same zone a small device will be placed that transmit the image of the heart to the screen. This test takes between 15 to 30 minutes.

Kinds of Echocardiogram

Hay diferentes métodos para realizar una terapia física

A Echocardiogram uses high frequency ultrasounds, issued by a probe. These ultrasounds are reflected in the tissue that such probe receives.  The Echocardiography machine draw an image with all the received information by the probe and shows it on a video screen.

-Transthoracic: is performed through the thoracic wall.
-Transesophageal: is performed through the esophagus and allows to obtain much clearer images. It is useful when certain pathologies are suspected.


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