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Nasal Congestion During Pregnancy
Posted on: August 10th, 2017


Breathing problems during pregnancy?

Nasal congestion is caused due to a high estrogen concentration and an increase of blood flow through the body. Both of these things may lead to an increase of permeability and swelling of the blood vessels in a way that the liquid goes from the vessels to the nasal mucus producing the nasal congestion.

Es normal que durante el embarazo se presente la congestión nasal


It is frequent that up to 30% of women have nasal congestion during their pregnancy, this is known as 'pregnancy rhinitis' and it is manifested generally during the second trimester of pregnancy and it get worst as the pregnancy advances.


The treatment for this disease consists in using hypertonic saline solutions, this is because salt absorbs the water in nasal mucus lowering the swelling, also, nasal steroids can be used, these help lowering inflammation on the mucus and the size of inferior turbinates, those that swollen the most.


Las soluciones salinas son un gran apoyo en estos casos


Even with this treatment, there are patients that doesn't get better on their nasal congestion. The good news is that a few weeks after giving birth your baby, the nasal congestion starts to get better.

If your problems remains even when your pregnancy is over, the best advice is to make an appointment with an ENT specialist to get checked and possibly a treatment.


Remember that it is important to visit your doctor before begin any treatment; during pregnancy you have even more restrictions to some medicines that you may only use under a doctor's indication.


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